FreshLook 3D Fiber  Lashes mascara
FreshLook 3D Fiber  Lashes mascara
FreshLook 3D Fiber  Lashes mascara
FreshLook 3D Fiber  Lashes mascara

FreshLook 3D Fiber Lashes mascara

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FreshLook 3D Fiber Lashes mascara

Yeah yeah, we know, every woman likes to be told their eyes are made out of fire and magic. You heard it before, pretty eyes will get you what you want... or almost everything. 

Here, we are about to propose to you something revolutionary, something that will make your eyelashes appear longer and fuller without the use of fake eyelashes who always end up falling apart. We know you want that electrifying stare that will capture men just as much as women and that you want something reliable. Here at freshlookshop, we have what you need and what you need is this revolution for eyelashes that will turn what you already got into what you really want. Naturally bold eyelashes that appears in glorious 3D as vibrant as ever because, you deserve this.


  • The Freshlook 3D fiber Lashes Mascara kit is  a revolution in the field of eyelash extensions. It increases the volume of lashes up to 300% while maintaining a natural look .
  • Contains 2 tubes : 1 Transplanting gel &  one Natural fibers.
  • Resistant to water , Hypoallergenic , Paraben-free , Chemical free , not tested on animals.
  • Ingredients Transplanting gel : Water, Beeswax (Natural Propolis ), Carnauba ( palm glue), Iron oxide CI77499 ( Black) Collagen, Acrylates Copolymer, Nylon , Stearic Acid, Propylene glycol .23 FL OZ / 7ml
  • Ingredient fiber : 100% Green tea natural fibers NET WT .02 OZ / .5 g


FreshLook 3D mascara

Oui oui on le sait que toutes les femmes aiment avoir un regard de feu...

On vous a déjà dit, avec des beaux yeux on peut tout avoir... ou presque?
Ici on vous propose d'améliorer vos cils sans faux cils (c'est fini les faux
cils qui décollent!)

On vous propose un mascara révolutionnaire, pour un regard électrisant qui saisit autant les femmes que les hommes au passage. Nous avons la solution pour vous et vos magnifiques cils pour rendre votre regard encore plus envoûtant que jamais.

Nous on veut voir du naturel, du naturel... en 3 dimensions! C'est ici et maintenant mascara 3D Freshlookshop Offrez vous ce petit luxe.


  • Le Mascara 3D de Freshlook est une revolution dans le domaine  de l'extension de cils. Il augmente le volume des cils jusqu'a 300% tout en gardant un look naturel.
  • Contient 2 tubes : 1 gel de transplantation et un de fibres naturelles.
  • Resistant a l'eau , Hypoallergene , sans parabene , sans produit chimique , non teste sur les animaux.
  •  Ingredients gel de transplantation : Eau, cire d'abeille , Carnauba , oxide de fer CI77499 (noir ), collagene , copolymeres acryliques , nylon, acide stearique, Propylene glycol .23 FL OZ / 7ml 
  • Ingredient fibres : 100% fibres naturelles de the vert.  POIDS NET : .02 OZ / .5 g
FreshLook 3D Fiber  Lashes mascara
FreshLook 3D Fiber  Lashes mascara